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About Us

Classicaly trained chefs delivering gourmet sliders

Amazing Sliders

Opened in 2014, Sly’s has become a major food hub for students, tourists, and locals alike. Focused on quality food at a good price that appeals to the growing market, Sly’s took a different approach to the burger industry. Take your favorites, make them smaller, and have them all. Boy, oh boy, the city of Savannah fell in love, and love spreads everywhere. Sly’s has been recognized by the NYTimes for their Banh U, Banh Mi slider, which features Sambal Tempura Shrimp, Pickled Daikon and Carrots, Cucumber and Cilantro Mayo.

Matthew Baldwin, one of the geniuses behind the grill, moved to Savannah from Alaska looking for a new career and life. He’s worked in the food industry since he was 15, and it had been his dream to open up his own place. That’s where Sly’s was created.  Matt has partnered with another classicaly trained chef, David Hamer, to make Sly’s Sliders and Fries a dream come true.

David was raised in Baltimore, MD and comes from a family of restaurateurs.  Working in the restaurant industry since he was 14 has given David the experience to run a successful restaurant.  In his spare time, David teaches chess at a private school in Savannah.

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Our Favorites

There are so many amazing choices that it is very difficult to narrow our favorites down to just three, but here are three of our top sellers!

Savannah restaurant

Banh U, Banh Mi

One our most popular customer choices, the Banh U, Banh Mi has been featured in the New York Times.  This popular slider features Sambal Tempura Shrimp, Pickled Daikon and Carrots, Cucumber and Cilantro Mayo.  A “must have”!

Savannah restaurant

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is our spin on the traditional slider.  The boardwalk features a prime Beef Pattie, Ketchup, Mustard, American Cheese, Bacon, Dill Pickles.  This one is great for the kids and parents alike!

Savannah restaurant

The Pawful of Falafel

Our Falafel slider is one of our vegetarian options.  This slider is a taste explosion featuring Falafel, Mahamurra, Tzatziki Sauce, Tomato, Lettuce (Contains Nuts).  Warning: Consuming the The Pawful of Falafel may be addictive.



Savannah restaurant
Savannah restaurant
Savannah restaurant
Savannah restaurant